Content Cult

Content Cult

You were meant to find this.
The worlds a stage and we are going to capture it.
To join… lets get some info:
The best return on views you could ever get.
Many nonprofits sit in the space that should be occupied by cults. The difference is in the narrative of managerial professionalism, detachment from the thing. A cult doesn't have a pitch deck and impact-focused patrons, it has an initiation, and wealthy cult members.
Some businesses are actually cults. SpaceX is a rocket cult for example. What about Amazon? Is Amazon an infrastructure cult or any other kind of cult?
Q: Do you think more cults will increase the flourishing of sentient beings on net?
A: Yes. Cults engage the whole person, body, mind, spirit, and soul in what they are doing, within a structure of intense meaning and fulfilment. We just have to make them healthy and functional.
I mean cult in the classical sense: an organized division within society's overall religion that has serious devotees to it's specific teleology.
Hero cults? There seem to be a lot of these: AOC, RBG, Greta Thunberg—list goes on. The left is good at forming hero cults.
KSR's Ministry for the Future says we need a new religion to save us from climate change.
Content Cult